Donor Brigade FAQs

Donors are a vital part of the Firehouse Theatre. They allow us to pursue our mission to present imaginative live performances and training through engaging artistic expression to Farmers Branch and the surrounding communities. Donations support talented artists, provide arts scholarships and training to local learners, and foster a passionate love of the arts. To celebrate our donors, we’ve created The Firehouse Theatre Donor Brigade. When you donate to The Firehouse Theatre, we’ll send you a special invite to our Donor Brigade with exclusive perks and rewards.

What is The Firehouse Theatre Donor Brigade?

The Donor Brigade is an exclusive program for donors supporting The Firehouse Theatre. It offers special perks and rewards to celebrate and thank our generous patrons.

Donor levels are determined by the total amount donated in the current and previous calendar year. You’ll receive perks based on the total amount of those donations.

Donors enjoy exclusive perks such as exclusive merch, behind-the-scenes experiences, and recognition in our programs. The specific benefits vary based on the donor level.

Donor levels are based on the total contributions made in the current and previous calendar year. The higher the donation, the higher the donor level and associated perks.

Yes, if a new donation places you in a higher donor level at any time during the year, you will receive the new level’s perks for the remainder of the current year.

Donations support talented actors and production crew members, provide arts scholarships and training to local young artists, and help us fulfill our mission of presenting imaginative live performances to the community.

Simply make a donation to The Firehouse Theatre here. Once you donate, you’ll receive a special welcome to The Donor Brigade and enjoy its exclusive benefits.

Yes, one-time donations qualify you for The Donor Brigade. Your level and perks will be determined by the total amount donated.

Yes, The Firehouse Theatre is a nonprofit organization (501c3), and donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Events and experiences for Donor Brigade members occur periodically throughout the year. The frequency may vary, but we strive to offer engaging opportunities for our valued donors.

We hope you’ll consider donating to the Firehouse Theatre and joining our Donor Brigade. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at

Donor Brigade levels are determined by the previous calendar year’s giving and extend through the end of the current year. New donations are reviewed quarterly.